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      1. Pietasters
        The first time, years ago, that I saw “Pietasters”, I misparsed it as people who are bad at pie, or piety?, on the analogy of poetasters (poet-asters, see).
        OED says:
        “-aster: a. L. -aster, suffix of sbs. and adjs., expressing incomplete resemblance, hence generally pejorative (Diez); e.g. L. philosophaster a petty philosopher, oleaster a wild or bastard olive, surdaster a little deaf. Extensively used in Rom. langs. (It. -astro, Sp. -astro, -astre, Pr. -astre, OF. -astre, mod.F. -âtre), esp. in F. as adj. suffix, e.g. bleuâtre bluish, blanchâtre whitish, etc. In Eng. only in words from L. or Romance, e.g. astrologaster, grammaticaster, oleaster, poetaster, politicaster.”
        I’m WEIRD.

  1. You know, a friend of mine reported that while shopping for some Judas Priest for her husband’s birthday, she was alarmed to find that it had been moved from Metal to Rock. When she asked the two men working there “but…?” They said they play Priest on the classic rock station now, so it’s considered Rock.
    There is so much wrong with this.

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