via la_lisa, an appeal to save the integrity of chocolate from adulterous chocobusiness scheming.

I’m not a huge fan of cocoa butter myself (hurf white chocolate bleah) but it’s PART OF CHOCOLATE. You can’t replace it with partially hydrogenated neat’s foot oil or something and call it chocolate. It Would Be Wrong.

I BOLGED about it over at buzznet: to get the TEENS involved.

Yes, this is weak stupid bourgeois activism. I’m a suburban white kid who likes to cook. Go stuff it.

3 thoughts on “SAVE THE CHOCOLATE

  1. I’m somewhat lucky in that I live in an area full of stores that would stock Real Chocolate, and would tell the chocobiz to go stuff it, no matter what it did to the price.
    I’m further lucky in that I could afford it, too.


  2. Chocolate lost its integrity when it was paired with gorgonzola at whole foods. damn, I cant find anything on google. but yes, it was a gorgonzola chocolate truffle. and I usually love bizarre combinations but NO.


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