It’s far worse; I upload.

At UC Irvine today. This sign is clearly hand-lettered by cheerful sorority girls or their functional equivalent. What kind of collaborationist Quisling would work so hard for the Mafia music business? Do I even want to know?

11 thoughts on “It’s far worse; I upload.

    1. that I think is the date before which it shouldn’t be removed, but I could be wrong. Dunno what P.C. means there.

  1. I can’t remember where, but I heard that the Boy Scouts have an anti-piracy badge now. Making a sign like this would be one way to get it!

    1. Man, that is way fucked up that that’s a merit badge. I mean, I suppose any youth organization is basically an indoctrination machine, but yuck.

  2. Christians are also on the anti-download bandwagon. It could be a christian group.
    And not even fundamentalist christians.
    Because it’s ‘stealing’, and there’s that commandment thing.
    I’m currently downloading “I wish” by Skee-lo. Glory be!

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