Dear Lazyweb: Pastebin software?

I use paste bin software like or a lot. I can’t find one to use always because they blow up a lot, or use nonstandard ports, or change their interfaces a lot. This is understandable because who really wants to run a free service like this?

Therefore I’m after a simple open source pastebin implementation, so I can host it myself and not worry about this any more. Sadly I can’t find anything, and it must exist somewhere. Searching Sourceforge has so far given me 32498023423 results that don’t mean anything, because their search engine is kind of weak.

Suggestions? Not as in “use this web site” suggestions but as in “use this software.”

8 thoughts on “Dear Lazyweb: Pastebin software?

  1. A couple of IRC channels I occasionally hang out on on freenode use PHP Pastebin (download link at the bottom), but if you want something a little less “enterprise”, there’s dngor’s pastebot with which you’re undoubtedly familiar. (I think it might use POE or something.)
    I like the features of lisppaste but man, that’s gonna be a hassle to run.

  2. It’s probably overkill for your situation, but I run my own “private” wiki. Publicly, it is read-only and one user account (mine) can write to it. To open it up a bit more, you could authorize a few trusted people or you could set up the MediaWiki Spam Blacklist plugin (my notes/links here), which does surprisingly well! (…which is not THAT much of a surprise, considering it’s the same plugin that Wikipedia uses to control spam and it gets its blocking rules directly from WikiPedia.)
    I mostly use it for “that one 30 line shell script that I have to write from scratch every so often because I forget to keep a copy around” and copies of configuration files and whatnot.

  3. oh hey
    I meant to track this down for you but forgot. Anyway, my friend wrote this:
    Incredibly tiny source available. The windows client bits are 404’d at the moment but he is fixing that.

  4. Idle in a terminal session, and keep a screen in your public_html or htdocs directory.

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