10 thoughts on “Who’s down with A.D.D.?

  1. Did you see the public service announcements they ran some years back about Adult ADD? This person is trying to work, and all these images keep popping up. And thrown in there, without any context, was this dancing person in a bunny suit. would say to me, “I know that damn rabbit.” A friend of his who also has ADD would agree. You’re going along, trying to get some work done, but that damn rabbit keeps popping up.

  2. as one of the (probably) many ADDers reading your blag, I have to say that I usually remember everything I need at the store.
    The problem lies with all the extra stuff I buy, like the $30 bottle of maple-syrup or the four 200g candybars. Oh, and then emptying the rest of my change on the slot-machines and such at the entrance of the store.

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