Latest update in “The O.C.”/”Buffy” crossover fic

A rabid bat was found on the campus of Corona del Mar High School here. No really. Television watchers take note: The O.C. was basically a documentary about this school.

Early reports suggest the bat had dated almost the entire “Dance Team.”

The news article incorrectly calls the bat a rodent. It is not. While messing around on the internet looking for batinfo I found this gem from Wikipedia:

At least two known species of bat feed on other bats: the Spectral Bat, also called the American False Vampire bat, and the Ghost Bat of Australia. One species, the Greater Noctule bat, is believed to catch and eat small birds in the air.

American False Vampire Bat!
American False Vampire Bat!
American False Vampire Bat!

9 thoughts on “Latest update in “The O.C.”/”Buffy” crossover fic

  1. A rodent? That’s some nice research there. If rats could fly they would run the world. They’re working on it, I believe. They’re all “Note to self: evolve wings, ability to vomit.”
    Also I would like to say sup im a ghost bat, are there no prisons? are there no workhouses? lol


  2. Bats in the belfry
    Hiccup! Hiccup!
    I have seen a couple bats in my neighborhood, and I’d like some vampires for neighborhood watch, in that we’re currently disputed turf twix Armenian Power (the city’s oldest gang)and White Fence. Nice. And here I thought the big hassle was for a parking space on street cleaning days!
    And on the third day he rose…and if he sees his shadow there’s 2000 more years of war. Happy Peeps Day!


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