10 thoughts on “GOOD TIMES…

  1. University Access.com!
    Starring: Lewis Stanton and the cast of Arthur Andersen and The Andersen Consulting Singing Cowboys!
    No, or was that eToys.com? or…American Cybercast.com…hold on, I’ll sort it out. My therapist says I just need to slow down when I’m exposed to my triggers…just a sec…

    1. That’s really the thing with all the shit coming down these days, isn’t it? The lack of surprise. The dull ache that just says, “Ugh. I saw that coming. Why can it still happen when we see it coming?”
      Checked out some of the s9 stuff, and I like the cut of your jib, mister. Consider y’self friended.

      1. Care and foresight
        “Why can it still happen when we see it coming?”
        In and after grad school, I managed to rid myself of the
        clammy idea that one with the biggest Bibliography section wins.
        But now, I am still trying to rid myself of a slipperier
        fallacy: the idea that if I, and maybe also a
        hundred/million/billion people <a href=
        >can see obvious trouble coming,
        well, then, like, NASA or somebody will take
        care of it.  Or that at least you won’t get a billion lunatics
        standing in the way of taking care of it.
        Because the potential for doublethink and groupthink
        is pandemic.  Doubleplusgood bellyfeel
        THIS time the money WON’T run out! etc.

  2. O to the T
    I’m spending much of Friday and Saturday in SF. Hotel and concert are at the Embarcadero, near the Bay Bridge, and I will of course be hitting Aquarius Records while I’m there.
    Are there any must-eat-at places around either of those that you know of?

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