25 thoughts on “there is a reason they call this the C.O.B.R.A. plan

    1. Well, sure. It’s not that I spend more than anyone else. It’ that although I am covered, I suddenly have to pay cash full retail for prescriptions. So two of my four regular refills per month just went from $100 to $450. I am just lucky that it’s between two plans and I’m employed. If unemployed I would just start self-medicating with much cheaper single-malt Scotch.

      1. no this is just honestly the first time i realized that what i pay per week is outrageous to most people. for most of my life my family paid enormous sums because my brother and i were both sick from birth. growing up i was always on a cocktail of new “experimental” medications because the normal medications were still too expensive for my parents to afford to buy two sets, and my brother was sicker so he got the real meds, and I got to be in clinical trials because the medications were often free or reduced cost for volunteers of such.

  1. Uncle Sam administers his own brand of “tough love”.
    You avatar makes me want to offer you a green-eyed bride to make up for this cultural/governmental failure.

  2. Ugh. Our prescription plan is not bad, although between the four of us we end up spending a lot in a month. Unfortunately, we also buy prescriptions for Brainflak’s sister. The medicare prescription drug plans are a joke! We just spent well over $200 just for one Rx last week. That’s just one of her prescriptions, of which she receives many. It makes me want to retch.

    1. Yeah. I bet she takes the expensive nongeneric ones, too.
      My situation is temporary (I will get reimbursed, and this will stop soon) and also I have a good job. So I’m mostly just bitching. But I look at this and think what it must be like to be unemployed on COBRA. Wow.
      Apropos of nothing a news item caused me to find your work webpage, and there you were! I admire you for doing that job.

      1. I suspect that I know what news item. My colleague has been getting mentioned a lot in the Times lately. I’ve been fortunate in that, despite all the hot water that the University has been in lately, I’ve never been quoted in the paper and I’ve never been deposed or had to testify in court. A colleague of mine at UCLA is personally named in suits almost every time she does an investigation, and happily that’s never happened to me, either. I’ve been doing this for 8 years, though, and I can’t help but to wonder how much longer my luck will hold.
        Thanks for the kind words. I actually really like my job, because my boss is splendid, my coworkers are pleasant, and I don’t have to worry about being popular. They pay me to call it the way I see it, and that fits well with my personality. I’ve never had the gift for currying favor or schmoozing.
        Oh, and I get a private office, which I realized years ago was one of my primary professional goals, introvert that I am.

  3. Ugh. I’m contemplating a career move that would have me on cobra for 6 months & then hopefully employed by then… Now I’m scared…. :-O

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