22 thoughts on “The cuteness unto death

  1. That cat definitely knows her cat mojo. When our cats play in a blanket, we call the game “kitty lumps.” The cutest, most dangerous game ever, as those adorable lumps have their not-so-adorable sharpy bits.
    I am having to feed my cats separately now. The big black cat, Akane, is absolutely horrified by this new business of having a meal set before her and then cleared away after she quits eating. She was saving that for later! So now she is in a constant state of panic because there’s no food out for her. This is expressed by being the flirtiest cat in all the land, and doing her damnedest to kill us on the stairs and in the kitchen by twining about our ankles. That’s a cat for you: plus 10 cute and murderous to boot.


  2. Okay, are you going to make me start posting cat pictures?
    You’re going to make me start posting cat pictures.
    “Welcome to my website. This is me. This and this and this and this, and this, and uh this, these are all my cats. I show you nothing ever but pictures of the six vicious little predators that lurk on my shelves and under my bed, and don’t leave me alone, no not in bed, nor at the computer, nor even in the bathroom.”
    You’re going to make me post my cats.


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