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Where is a good local body shop? I have enough money to pay for something that isn’t broken or cheesy, but not enough to go to the Insurance Disaster places with the big fish tank and the statuesque receptionist.


The guy with the dented front end

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  1. There’s this place in Fair Lawn that’s pretty good if you wanna drag your dented front end to Jersey, but you’ll probably find as good where you are, no?
    Now see, if you go to the cheaper place, you get the bonus. Instead of the one statuesque receptionist, you get a whole CALENDAR full of cheesecake, which if you’re in my league, you’ve got the same odds of getting with.

  2. If you had a Toyota I would recommend Green Light Auto in Lake Forest. The guy is a Toyota-trained mechanic who gives the same quality service as that scary POWER dealership, much cheaper.

  3. There is a place on Harbor before the Acura dealership that is called something like “Minor Collision Auto Center” or “Minor Body Work” something or another.

  4. How bad is the dent? Does it need paint? If it doesnt need paint you can probably call a mobile repair guy to come and pop out the dent, should cost you less then your deductable.

  5. If you get into L.A., my old mechanic/body shop was escellent! P & C on Centinela, just north of Pico, by the 10 West onramp. Fair prices, no bullshit. They do all the work for SMPD.
    Ask for Pete or Greg.
    BTW, are you okay? Collision?

  6. Hi
    Sorry to hear that you were involved in a T/C. Hope you feel better, soon. Speaking of the garage, I know the great mechanic in Costa Mesa who is independent and specializing Volvo. He is located on Newport Bl south of 55FWY (run parallel to FWY), near Bay street. My sister has been using that guy for years.

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