top search results for my website this month

unicode sliderule
octopus people
determined bush
who invented the zodiac signs and how long have they been around?

Okay, the unicode sliderule is something I put up for torgo_x. And the mopportunity is from a Leisuretown caption. I’m worrierd about the Octopus People and the Determined Bush. I think the Manimals know I’m on to them and don’t want me to tell the President about the danger.

3 thoughts on “top search results for my website this month

    I was trying to find out the name of the Kure Kure Takora show, because I know a complete set of the show is on DVD!
    I was thinking that maybe you would have a memory jerker for me (heaux heaux!)
    I have Christmas oranges. Excuse me while I gorge.


  2. Re: Unicode sliderule
    cool! i like it a lot as a way to browse the glyphs…reminds me of rummaging around cases of metal type. unicode stuff is interesting.
    🙂 my ex-boyfriend used an actual slide rule on a midterm last year, for pure cockiness value.


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