Election notice: Costa Mesa, CA

Attention all who are eligible to vote in Costa Mesa:

Your city council election is of international importance.

Please vote for Garlich and Scheafer and against Mansoor and Leece.

The choice is between typical Costa Mesa small-business conservatives, who are concerned with things like where to put roads and how many more athletic fields the city might need, and insane power-hungry racist demagogues who hang around with Minutemen and white supremacists and want to wage war on Mexicans.

Garlich and Scheafer are backed by the police and fire departments, the newspaper, the ex chiefs of the police and fire departments, and business people all over town. Mansoor and Leece are backed by Minutemen nuts, local neo-nazi Martin Millard, and lots of dubious out-of-town money.

Please vote. I don’t need a race war in the town next door. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Election notice: Costa Mesa, CA

  1. I am voting just for you and Nicole. I have no interest in politics anymore, to any degree. Local elections and props I can get behind, but barely.
    I hope this feeling goes away, I’m not proud of myself.


  2. Boy… the tales I could tell about Wendy Leece… I remember when she would routinely get laughed out of City Council and NMUSD board meetings for her general crankery… her and her now-convicted pal and ultra-con racist shill Jo Ellen Allen…
    Hell yes, vote against these choads…
    mojo sends


    1. Yo, Mojo, do you know anything about the folks jockeying for a position on the state courts? I never know anything about the judges…
      Also, if you have an opinion on the possible Trustees and such, I’d be interested to hear it.


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