fire the noodle cannon and eat

After a conversation with the Exploding Aardvark tonight I realize I have accidentally come up with a new holiday.

I haven’t been eating much during the day and then at night recently I’ve been going out for Japanese noodles. A lot. Both frequently and a lot of noodles. Tonight I had the hakata ramen, with extra noodles, chashu, and wonton, at Shinsengumi.

I am celebrating Ramendan. Clearly this is some kind of Flying Spaghetti Monster holiday.

8 thoughts on “fire the noodle cannon and eat

  1. The Japanese have a New Year’s Eve tradition of eating soba, so who knows, maybe there’s a ramen tradition kicking around somewhere too.

    1. Southern California has a critical mass of Japanese and Japanese-American people I haven’t seen elsewhere in the states. Mmmm food.

  2. Yummmm! I have a weakness for those noodles, too and if I’m like super lazy mood, I will get those Japanese “just pour hot water” noodles at Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa, too.

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