The east and west sides of my town are different

Trophy Wife Koffee Klatch

Wall with Phone with Guy

Another thing I saw on the Westside today was two cop cars and the CSI van outside a house, with people, some of them tough guys with baggy white t-shirts, looking sad and hugging each other in the front yard. You don’t see that too often on the east side either. I didn’t take a picture of that because I’m not a photojournalist and it felt intrusive.

7 thoughts on “The east and west sides of my town are different

  1. Infrared photos?
    Have you ever worked with infrared photos? I dunno if that’s done with digital cameras, with film cameras it’s trivial, you get a red filter, buy infrared film and put the focus ring on the little red dot.
    You can’t see infrared light, so you have to guess what things will look like, based on a few predictions. Hot things glow, like the bleak wall behind your phone caller; trees glow, you know. You’ve taken several photos that gave me that reaction: “Damn, he’d LUV infrared.” Bleak and glowing, oh yes.

      1. I actually live in Newport Beach but right on the edge. I can reach my arm over the back fence diagonally and it’s in Costa Mesa. I really consider the two cities to be an economic and social unit. Symbiotic at least.

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