I suggest a fire.

It’s great to see that Tower is continuing to overprice even during their final dying going-out-of-business sale. The CDs and DVDs are all 10% off the insane list price no one pays. Whee.

Three-month-old magazines are 30% off, though, if you’re into those.

7 thoughts on “I suggest a fire.

  1. I suppose that means they have lots less backstock than you would normally suppose. They probably expected this move for awhile and didn’t reorder oodles of stuff.
    So besides for Second Spin, what else is in the Greater Costa Mesa area for cds? (Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart et al don’t count – only true record stores.)

      1. Second Spin is great if you need either five copies of the second-to-last AFI record, or a very weathered Color Me Badd CD.
        Record stores are for big cities now, I think. The rest of us get the Interweb.

  2. 10% Off Our Already High, High Prices !
    Here in Boston, the local Virgin Megastore is going out of business: 35% off media (CDs, DVDs, reading), 25% off electronics, 50% off clothes). Their list prices are generally (but not always) even worse than Tower’s , but I did score a Bim Sherman shirt, the Andy Partridge/Peter Blegvad Orpheus collaboration, and a few bargain bin CDs and DVDs for $3 a pop.
    I am starting to wonder if this Tower liquidation is just another abuse of bankruptcy laws…

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