I like this one: flickr halloween birth year

Flickr search for “Halloween” + your birth year. Mine, which is Halloween 1964, results in this wonderful picture:

una union!!!…31 de octubre 1964
matrimonio de mis padres…..halloween no existia!!!!!!!

18 thoughts on “I like this one: flickr halloween birth year

  1. 1970

    It’s not as good as some of the others here, but I find the details nice (the row of identical, cream-colored World Book encyclopedia volumes, the lamp, the oval TV tube), and Tiger Lady is kind of a hottie.

  2. OMG my gradparents got married on halloween (not in1964), and my grandmother told me the same thing–“halloween no exista en Chile!” and i was thinking for a brief moment that my grandparents were secret goths…

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