17 thoughts on “Photo Day, Laguna Beach

      1. Re: Just an FYI…
        Ha! Okay. Would love to go shooting with you. Right now due to my… circumstances I’m shooting a lot during working hours, but weekends are great too!
        Did you see the Irvine company is throwing out the car guys from Crystal Cove? Lame.

      2. Re: Just an FYI…
        Yeah I breifly overheard something to that effect. When Phil and I went I beleive some of the regulars were discussing that. apperantly it has gotten too big and they no longer want to deal with it.
        Let me know whne you go to shoot – and I will everything I can to make it – between work and school 😛

      3. I figured you’d be at work. The only thing I know about your schedule is that you have Monday off. Or is that wrong?

      4. Sun-Mon-Tues
        Don’t know what day you took pics on… but.. well… you know… well, maybe you don’t…. All my filler time in life is pretty much shooting at the beach, and dorkin’ around on my laptop. I don’t even REALLY care for the beach, although I am gaining an affinity for it by way of all the SHOOTING I do there. I even got busted by the cops the other day *huff*. Turns out someone from one of the mansions on the cliff (or some sort) had been “watching” me, and called me in and reported my car. *rolls eyes* *shakes head*

      5. busted?
        Were you actually violating some ordinance by photography, or were they just told you were suspicious? That’s happened to me just sitting at the Cliff Drive park before.

      6. Re: busted?
        I was ‘trespassing’. Over by where they pulled down the trailors. You can get to it by the beach, but I chose to park my car by where the old guard gate was at. People do it. People do it all the time. They stop, look, ooo, ahhh, snap snap, pics pics, then move on. I became quite smitten with the rebarr and the rubble. I was there long neough to be ‘noticed’… but… there are no houses there, and the copper told me “people have been watching you” DEAR CHRIST, watch TV ‘r sumthin’. I posted pics (after bein’ busted fr shooting… I bagan shooting the copper callin’ me in… yeah… my damn muses are going to get me in TROUBLE someday.
        Oh.. and… HA… you looked suspisious. DAMN PEOPLE. STUPID!

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