The light was good today.

The Canivore Grill Closeup
Bad typo, especially for an Asian restaurant.
If you know your Latin roots it sounds like they’re serving spaniel sashimi.

Chat sur la Table
I am blessed with a photogenic cat

The House with the Concrete Yard
Who lives here? Why have a solid concrete yard with a chain link fence around it? I have never seen these people. Now the house is up for sale. Mysterious.

19 thoughts on “The light was good today.

  1. The typo is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!!
    “Bad typo, especially for an Asian restaurant. “
    If only there were a sign company nearby. Someone with a virtual mastery of signage who could fix that kind of thing. Something close, so they wouldn’t have to walk a long ways to find the place.
    The shark is priceless. As is “Oki-Doki”.
    Your cat is indeed extremely photogenic. That’s a great picture.
    The concrete yard suggests a landing pad for very small alien spacecraft, parking for an RV that could never make that turn or some extreme overreaction against weeds. People are insane.

  2. Why have a solid concrete yard with a chain link fence around it?
    My guess would be that a previous owner had a boat or an RV that sat in their front yard for years. That owner kicked the bucket and one of those people that were in on the “inventing money via this imaginary thing called equity” game snatched it up a few years ago. It was never lived in or rented out because the buyer was going through a messy divorce. It’s finally selling now because the market is leveling out and/or money is needed to pay for incurred legal fees.
    I’ll bet a dollar I’m atleast 2/3rds right.

    1. I dunno. It’s been there for 20 years or so and I have never seen a boat or anything else but empty concrete in the yard.
      I suspect some kind of insanity of the membrane.

    2. This house has had a for sale sign for at least 2 years. It’s ridiculously over priced. I’ve only ever seen an old woman around it…no boats or RVs though.

  3. Do they have a garage? Maybe they were paranoid about parking right on the street and they have a few cars?
    Maybe they had kids who like to ride their bikes around. Maybe they were allergic to grass.
    Maybe there was genocide and they couldn’t bleach the blood stains out of the lawn.

  4. In Little Italy in Edmonton, there were quite a few houses like this. The front yard concrete was painted green, and there were enormous lions on pedestals on the front gate. It turns out that some crazy number – 75% – of the italian community were running the concrete business. Insert concrete shoes joke. The layout was a way to show people what they, too, could accomplish with concrete, as well as a way to compete with one another.
    They seemed to have to repaint the “grass” every 2 years.

  5. I am guessing that the concrete yard is there to cover up an alien spaceship that landed. That’s why I filled in my pool. Aliens landed in it and I had to make sure nobody knew or else the Government would erase my mind and I have too many thing saved up here and can’t really afford a mind erasing.

    1. Re: concrete yard
      actually they do, At orage coast the’ll teach you how to build on a stem wall foundation, and my grandma’s house was on a stem wall.

  6. Maybe I’m crazy, but I really like the idea of a concrete lawn. No watering, no mowing, a very simple drainage solution… sounds about perfect to me.
    Actually, strike that “maybe” part.

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