3 thoughts on “Saturday is Free Museum Day!

  1. Growing up the the DC area, I still find it odd when I see museum’s that AREN’T open for free to the public. The “local” museums here are the major Smithsonian institutions on the Mall and nearby in DC, and nearly all (if not all) of them are free every day I thought. These were the places where they took us on school field trips and such. Until adulthood, I really hadn’t considered that things like this aren’t always free.
    Now of course, my wife works at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, which is a non-free zoo, but is at least open for free to public school groups.

  2. I looked up NYC and discovered that the Cuba Cheese Museum was listed. Unfortunately, it’s not about cheese IN Cuba, but rather, JUST about cheese, and is merely located in a town called Cuba, somewhere in western New York. Seriously! Cheese!

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