baby, bath, and beyond

Some medical office on 17th is offering pregnant women ultrasounds of their babies in “3D AND 4D.”

I’m not sure how comforting the time-traveling, prophetic Star Child God-Infants are going to be on those screens, what with all the trails of flame and dire, inscrutable pronouncements in iambic pentameter. The beating little heart was probably enough.

8 thoughts on “baby, bath, and beyond

  1. I want my ultrasound in 2D, lead singer of Gorillaz! Then my unborn child will be drawn by Jamie Hewlett, and be all weird and angular and violent with crazy interesting hair!


  2. HA!!
    Oooh that’s fantastic…that makes me wanna get pregnant just so I can go over and ask for my 4D scan.
    I’ve always wanted a super-uber-time-travelling-spawn-of-Satan-or-the-future baby!!


  3. What has happened to the element of surprise? To NOT knowing what you’ll unwrap Christmas morning?? To actually WONDER what your unborn baby might look like AND what your reaction might be when it’s born with 6 toes?
    Are we that impatient?


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