2 thoughts on “TRVTH

  1. You have my complete and horrified sympathy about going off the SSRIs. I hope your detox flushes out quickly.
    Gotta love crazymeds.org. Have you checked out its boards?

  2. Yeah, I’m still getting some side effects. But they’re much diminished. It was annoying, because I was SO CAREFUL to taper slowly. Figure about ten days to two weeks for most of it to go away.
    Having cold-turkeyed (not sure how to spell that) once from 100mg Zoloft (accidentally), I know that the syndrome was lots less than it would have been.
    Lawrence Welk is on Public TV now. They seem to have recut it – bits from early on, later, stuff from when good ol’ Lawrence was alive, and some things that are even newer (?).

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