11 thoughts on “YOU’RE ON NOTICE

    1. Fiction written using someone else’s characters and universe, such as: “fanfic”, or fiction written by fans of some book or movie or TV show, and “slashfic” which is erotic fiction, usually man on man gay, written using someone else’s characters and universe.
      It’s painful.

      1. It should be said that these characters have been made gay without the author’s consent.
        The parallels between slashfic and straight men’s lesbian voyeur conversion-fantasy pr0n are, of course, lost on all the undersocialized, undersexed girls that write it.

    1. I’ve been a “fan” of indigo starchylde crystal children for a while, not sure whether Leah introduced it to me or the other way round.
      Bad parenting is one of those places where USA IS #1!!!!
      and somehow mixing that in with myspace… wow…
      Please “enjoy” the other links I’ve accumulated: http://del.icio.us/ignatz/indigochildren

      1. omg. Yeah, there was an actual tv program dedicated to these kids on A&E that she told me about. Kids talking to trees. The usual.

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