Sociopathic Soccer Moms Kill 3

1. Drunk driving mom in her big fast Lexus passes on the right at 90, hits guardrail, kills her 6 year old son by hitting it so hard that the seatbelt is ripped out of the car and he’s ejected.

2. Hapless hamburglars running from botched auto theft get run over on freeway. Woman calls cops from a bar some time later to say that there was clothing and human remains stuck to the bottom of her minivan and she “may have been involved in an accident” earlier.

I’m not including the other news story about the woman whose tire blew up and her 12 year old kid was ejected due to no seat belt, even though three other occupants of that car had no seatbelt either, because for all I know she could have been yelling at them to buckle up when it happened.

6 thoughts on “Sociopathic Soccer Moms Kill 3

  1. That first one is about the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Driving drunk and aggressively with your child in the backseat.
    The second one is bad, but, you don’t expect to see pedestrians on the freeway. And once you hit them, you might not be in your right mind for a while.

  2. totally sad
    that is completely horrific. i am at a loss for words, esp. as i drive both of these roadways on a semi-regular basis. how might you react if you were to bear witness to such an event? clearly i’d dial 911, and would then have to wait 10 minutes while my call is connected to one of too few dispatch operators. what else could one do? and WHY ARE WOMEN LIKE THIS ALLOWED TO KEEP THEIR BABIES?!
    though just as gruesome as the first, the second story kind of tickles me in that the woman’s first instinct was to hit the bar and get a drink immediately…and then report the incident. hahaha, that is the worst. :-\

  3. The death of 6 year old boy caused by the stupid mother is tragic. She shouldn’t be duce in first place, also she should put the boy in the back seat! California vehicle code states that kids under 6 year old or weigh less than 60lbs must be in a car seat. This boy was barely getting out of the car seat stage anyway.
    55 FWY car thief keeper, I will call it street justice. I feel sorry for people hit them and their car gat damaged.

    1. Ooh, I have to disagree with you on the I-5 thing. I don’t think the death penalty for car theft is appropriate.
      But you’re totally right about the car seat thing. That kid was right on the edge at best. Talk about the ultimate punishment there, though. That woman WISHES she could get the death penalty.

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