16 thoughts on “Seven deadly sins motivational posters!

  1. Nice…I had the “Demotivators” calendar the last few years (“FAILURE: It Could Be, You Were Brought On Earth to Teach Others A Lesson On What Not To Do”, etc.), but couldn’t find it this year.


  2. newport lady
    yeah…i work with her…it is fucking awful…she couldn’t help a patient last weekend because she had to go to church…i told my boss that here Jesus was giving her an opportunity to serve her fellow man and she had to go socialize at church…my boss repeated it to her :)…fucking hypocrite….i am about ready to tell my boss, its her or me…and i know i will not be the one out on my ass…


    1. Re: newport lady
      The day I saw her, she was trying to do some kind of real estate deal. I thought she was a broker or agent. She was showing some guy properties on her laptop and being all sales-y.
      I believe there are some fine passages in Isaiah and Amos that her pastor should read to her, preferably through a megaphone.


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