this modern world (trout phone replica)

Getting a phone call from Bob Trout: cool!

Hearing Bob say he is getting a computer and email: wild!

Realizing halfway through the call that Bob called me with an IP phone using Vonage: MIND-BLOWING.

He’s doing fine in N.C. Has temporary lodgings for a few months until his real place is ready.

7 thoughts on “this modern world (trout phone replica)

    1. Yeah, his brother-in-law and sister have a plot of land and are dumping a prefab house on it, I think. It’s Bob’s new home. You can’t do newport on $1000/month.

      1. Ah. Well looks like another reason to swindle my way into another tax-payer sponsored trip to N.C..
        Also.. another thing that makes me realize why people don’t retire in O.C.. Arizona was cheap once too. My parents have been talking about the various places they have explored with retirement on their minds lately.

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