hezbollabaq boy

The gold standard for executive authority in this world is clear. If you’re the top guy, you get guarded by the U.S. Secret Service. This is the only explanation I can find for this picture. Here’s the leader of Hezbollah, fanatical turbanist group. He’s in full Iranian-style mullah/politician getup, but his guards look like Jean Reno Eurotrash versions of Dubbya’s heavies, all the way down to the dark glasses and the expensive suits.

The effect for me is more Bad Hip-Hop Video than Imposing World Leader, but I bet it plays well back home.

7 thoughts on “hezbollabaq boy

  1. The Middle East is not known as a bastion of restrained taste. Witness all the use of gold and marble (real or fake) in the region’s architecture, for example.

  2. The best part is that the flags and banners have AK-47s all over them but the bodyguards aren’t carrying any. If they’re really SS poseurs they’re probably carrying Zionist Uzis.

  3. the most disturbing thing is how terrorist factions are reveling in classic American comics “supervillain” style, from dress, flags, tactics, etc. How soon before they carry small, hairless pets?

      1. Re: Why We Must Stop Stem Cell Research
        would help to pick them out of a crowd.
        of course there would be the whole “clone-profiling” flak.

      2. Re: Why We Must Stop Stem Cell Research
        I had not thought about the evils of a “clone-Profiling” crisis….
        Clearly that too works as a reason that stopping stem cell research to rescue archaic 3rd world terrorist cliques from campy trashy cliches…
        Perhaps we must tell this to fearless leader….

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