Home Depot has great grim meathooks on sale

  1. Women in science who’d like to be taken more seriously may wish to consider changing their gender entirely. Benefits include respect, promotion, encouragement, and being allowed to finish entire sentences!
  2. The U.S. Government wants wireless device owners to get emergency alerts. That’s pretty cool. I get some of those already because I’m a nerd. But they’re going to be opt-in. Right? RIGHT?
  3. Oreos: The pandemic cookie of the occident!!
  4. If you get the shit beaten out of you by the LAPD, they may also decide to charge you with lynching while they’re at it. In Soviet Los Angeles, etc.

7 thoughts on “Home Depot has great grim meathooks on sale

  1. My flagrumpy delicto.

    «The welfare state, free universal healthcare, paid holidays, workers’ benefits of all kinds – how many of these would we have if it were not for the need to show that the West could not just outcompete Communism, but was ethically superior to it? How much have our rights in these areas grown since Communism collapsed? We’re a lot richer, of course. Is that all we now have to say for ourselves? Put it like this: would Guantánamo have happened during the Cold War? Would any Western government have permitted itself a crime of such flagrancy? We no longer have to compare ourselves with a global antagonist. The only thing we have to look at is the mirror.»

    — <a href=
    >some guy, some article

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