desperate but not serious

  1. Thanks to the Aardvark, I now know about the Demon ducks and killer kangaroos.
  2. In some ways the most disturbing thing about this Coach Pissfreak story is that not all of the parents demanded the firing of a school coach who forced kids to pee into a cup as a joke.
  3. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is defending our precious bodily fluids critical infrastructure, including Krispy Kreme stores, petting zoos, and flea markets.
  4. Once again, someone thinks it’s a good idea to drive a Hummer to support our boys overseas. You know, once you get blood in your gas tank it’s so hard to get it out.
  5. Manhattan was Stonehenge today (apod).

8 thoughts on “desperate but not serious

  1. 2. I don’t know. just seems to be doing his job to get kids used to the idea of being humilaiated in order to work a low paid job. School is supposed to prepare us for the future.


  2. “This is pre-Skippy. You never would have thought of being afraid of a kangaroo, but this is a different period…”
    Piss off, you mad Aussie git! Kangaroos are scary motherfuckers, and mean to boot. If they think you have food, they’ve got no fear of pushing you around.


  3. Hell, if you’ve seen Damian’s “Come to YAPC::AU” pitch, you know there *are* no non-lethal animals in Australia. Apparently it’s far from unheard of for kangaroos jumping across the road to wind up going through your windshield.


  4. Speakers described Ayala as a role model for the students and a successful coach who led the team to its first CIF championship in 2004, his first year as head coach. Ayala is also a history teacher at the school.
    Sometimes I read things and get really frightened about the future.


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