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  1. It‘s not whether they deserve it or not. It‘s how we conduct ourselves.
    If everybody said that once or twice in the morning when they get up, the world might look a good deal more like we want it to.

  2. Right on, just right all the way on
    Frigging guy is a lieutenant commander, can you imagine? An officer of such a low rank, directly challenging the uppermost point of contact in his chain of command, namely the President. At the SUPREME COURT. And winning. Hell yeah, I’m glad he’s your hero du jour, mine too.
    I’d like to hear him talk about what it’s like at the barracks or wherever officers live. In the shower do they not snap his ass with towels any more? I mean, what has this guy given up? He’s no spring chicken, either, to look at him.
    Right ON.
    I’m reminded of years ago when I read about some rural south sheriff finding a rusty gun in a river, and convicting a KKK murderer from forty years earlier with it. Man, I called that guy, and damned if he didn’t come to the phone. He was very gracious, too; I mostly said, like, “I’m so glad you worked hard and convicted that cracker murderer,” and he didn’t make fun of me for being a palefaced New Yorker or anything. He just said, “Well, thank you, it was a lot of work.” Gracious.
    Unlike those pukes at Apple–Repairs Division. But I digress.

    1. Re: Right on, just right all the way on
      According to my friend who works in Army JAG, the officers are almost all basically attorneys who served before and are coming back, usually as reservists, to give their time. They are often an unmilitary bunch, and firearms practice is a bit terrifying for everyone.

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