Correction: Pigs are not in spaaaaace.

  1. The Consumer Product Safety Commission would like you to know that the new sport of Tube Kiting, while inviting at first, is probably more danger than you need in your life.
  2. Hey you know what’s worse than right-wing blogging, worse even than right-wing podblogging? I’ll tell you. Right-wing videoblogging.
  3. The ants are counting, counting, counting their steps.
  4. Yay, we have blue whales off the coast!
  5. I am addicted to the furikake variant known as The Eden Shake. Sesame, seaweed, and Shiso. So good.

3 thoughts on “Correction: Pigs are not in spaaaaace.

  1. In some cases, the sudden stopping of the boat might cause the tube rider to continue past the boat and hit it or hit other boats or stationary objects, such as a bridge.

    Hypothetically speaking, of course. It could as easily be a concrete wharf.


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