I hope this doesn’t mean I’m djb

You’re the University of Illinois!
With a taste for cities and bubbly alcohol, you might at first
seem to be rather cosmopolitan. In reality, though, you’re a bit of a hick
trying to adapt to higher class tastes. You might be able to build most
anything from the ground up, but you hide some dubious skeletons in your
closet. With a tinge of lingering racism and a penchant for hazing, you
have a lot to work on for self-improvement. On the plus side, you were the
first to go home again, proving that you can.

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3 thoughts on “I hope this doesn’t mean I’m djb

  1. hmmm…
    Well, I do like escalators.

    You’re the City College of New York!
    Emerging from an area of difficulty and hardship, you have risen
    to be a leader and champion for diversity. Though you have egalitarian motives,
    your surroundings are still derisive and often difficult. And while you claim to
    be small, you’re actually much larger than you seem. You speak several languages.
    For inexplicable reasons, you love escalators.

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  2. Apparently…

    You’re Tufts University!
    Though you’re larger than many of your kind, you do
    ultimately resent that people have nicknamed you “Jumbo”. You’re a fan of
    the circus, but you’re able to do more than just clown around. In fact, when
    you need people to take you more seriously, you’ve been known to light a fuse.
    Despite what people say, you insist you were never interested in plants that
    cling to walls. You’re a bigger fan of nudity than most.

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    at the Blue Pyramid.

    All of this is true except the part about plants that cling to walls. Actually, I quite like them, but I don’t talk about it and nobody seems to notice. I have no idea where in the world is Tufts University or what everybody who knows about it thinks of the place. Should I be worried?

  3. Thanks for getting the U of I result, so I could read the description of my local university. I’d call it my alma mater, but I actually went to UIC, and I didn’t bother to graduate.

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