motion in the ocean (oo wah)


  1. AIIGH! The Paxil is self-replicating and attacking the other Paxil!
  2. YOW! The water down there is so hot, it’s entered a weird different state of matter!
  3. YOICKS! The Luba people of central Africa have a totally awesome memory board technology!
  4. Shut up and make your own Custom Loaf, damnit!

Edit: Maciej got all up in my grill about the phrase “weird different state of matter”. Let the record show that I am aware that super extra hot steam is not strictly speaking a state of matter, even if it is supercritical. However, I do maintain that supercritical water is still totally weird. Thank you. Does anyone have some cashews and/or Paypal?

2 thoughts on “motion in the ocean (oo wah)

  1. I find it very, very strange that while my boyfriend was cleaning the back-bedroom (he’s a major pack-rat) over the weekend, he showed me the old Rolling Stone magazine which has that very picture on the cover, don’t you?

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