Wayne LaPierre, Embarrassing Wingnut


In horrific war zones like Sierra Leone and Angola, the UN runs programs for “disarmament, demobilisation, rehabilitation and reintegration” of former soldiers. Often these are people who grew up fighting and have no clue how to live any other way. They give up their guns and in return get education and a leg up into normal society. (A friend of mine worked in one of these programs.)

Guess who thinks that’s a bad idea? Wayne LaPierre, the Mouth of the U.S. National Rifle Association. Why would Wayne be down on this idea? Because he thinks the next step is… wait for it… the U.N. coming here to the U.S. and forcibly disarming and reeducating all of us. At least he didn’t call it “ZOG”.

This story would be hilarious, but Wayne has a lot of influence and a lot of cash. Despite getting crazier and crazier over the years and losing a lot of high profile supporters, the NRA still commands respect in politics.

Hey, Wayne? Former child soldiers in Liberia don’t want their guns. They want their lives back. And if “the government” comes for us, it’ll be our own and personal firearm ownership will barely slow them down. Just ask the residents of Fallujah how much the household AK-47 helped when the Marines showed up.

See you in Camp Halliburton!

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  1. Christ, I can’t begin to talk about how insulting and ignorant that argument is. You think rehabilitating child soldiers to normal life is the first step to depriving people of their liberty? Why don’t you talk about the deprivation of liberty to some poor little girl who was stolen from her parents in the middle of the night, gang-raped so her spirit would be broken, and forced to commit unspeakable acts of brutality? And who has now returned to her native village, quite possibly with children of her own, quite possibly with HIV from all those people who raped her, with no inkling of how to function in normal life or even what normal life is? Her family and her neighbors are either dead or very likely to reject her for what she’s done and for what has been done to her. Who’s going to help her, Wayne? Are you going to help her, with all your money?
    It is only on a remote intellectual plane that I can understand all that’s happened to some of these people. And so many of them just want to learn to farm, to grow a little corn or cassava and sell it and feed their families, or buy the antiretroviral drugs that will keep them alive for a few more years. How dare anyone make that humble wish into part of their own deluded fantasy. How dare anyone try to keep these people from washing the blood off their hands.

  2. The Blue Helmets are Coming! The Blue Helmets are Coming!
    This has been the prevailing meme in the NRA for about a decade now. Back in 1998-99, the NRA spent a lot of money on a couple of really slick 30-minute infomercials focusing on the one world conspiracy, which, as always, starts with legally disarming and criminalizing the brave men and women who stand on the bulwarks of freedom. These would play either late at night or mid-morning cable TV on either Sci Fi fittingly enough or perhaps the Travel or History channels.
    Here is a clue to what Wayne Pierre and the NRA are really about; one of their major examples of anti-gun oppression was … wait for it … modern South Africa. “Hide the white women, because they have taken all the white men’s guns…”
    Both programs, the one that focused on South Africa and the one on Canada and Australia, both had as its major premise that the UN was actually a conspiracy of third world dictators bent on destroying freedom and mom and apple pie (…mmmm… apple pie…) and that they were using the UN as means to get a sonambulent American public to lay down their arms and hand the keys to the UN Secretary General… fnord!
    And, while we’re on the subject… save me a spot near the wire when you get to Camp Halliburton, and if possible, have a trash can fire going when I get there; it gets cold at night out on the plains. I’ll do the same for you if I get there first…
    mojo sends

    1. Re: The Blue Helmets are Coming! The Blue Helmets are Coming!
      Wayne & Co. have been crazy for a long time, yeah. What set me off wasn’t the U.N. paranoia. It was the insane solipsism of opposing disarmament in hellzones 8000 miles away as though one-armed Liberian child veterans and paunchy beardo whiteboy gun nuts were brothers in arms that just made my head fucking EXPLODE.

      1. Re: The Blue Helmets are Coming! The Blue Helmets are Coming!
        want to laugh more, ask the average leftist gun grrabbing NRA WingNut which is his favorite mix of Mortar Combo Shots, and why exactly does the NRA still support the 1934 Firearms Act that prevents us from using Mortars and RPG’s, not to mention all the rest of the fun things that the EVIL LIBERAL GUN GRABBING LEFTIST GOD HATERS IN THE NRA are afraid to get qualified on, and to maintain at their personal expense to help defray the cost of national security…
        At that point you can just look at the EMOTIONAL CRISIS of these Wankers as just more of the same old fashion Whinie Liberal Mythos that has always hated their own lives, hated what has happened to them, and hopes to GOD no one else actually gets a chance at a happy life!!!
        Freaking Gun Grabbing Wankers!!!

    2. Re: The Blue Helmets are Coming! The Blue Helmets are Coming!
      I hate to crank on this, but what dear Wayne Pierre, and his ilk, have clearly MISSED in the small technicals of a reality check is that ‘White Chicks” want to Hop And Bob, irregardless of the Technology that one is involved with…. They Don’t Care About how many inches of Blue Steel one has on a handgun, that one is never planning to use in actual combat, just as they just do not care about the Technology in The Prius, since all they want is to Knock Boots and be rampantly Latently HeteroZexual and without any regards to the HORROR of the Leftist Leaning Gun Grabbing God Hating America Bashers in the NRA!!!!
      NonMalePerKin are EVIL like that…

  3. Have you seen the movie
    “Lord Of War” – it is out on DVD, and the scary part, after the film is finished, is learning about the whole making of the Film… At which point we arrive at the Problem of “gun running”, which of course wankers like Wayne LaPierre are SOOOO afraid of dealing with.
    Why, Oh Why, can’t these Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst get past their little emotional problems and get on with solving their issues by being active members of which ever war they support more… that would help get them pas their little WHINEY MOMENTS…

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