9 thoughts on “Worst sex toy ever.

  1. If Philadelphia baseball games are anything like the ones in Pittsburgh, they use that machine to fire hotdogs into the crowd. It’s eerily remeniscent of Roman circuses.

  2. that’s straight off fuckingmachines.com
    What ARE those trumpet nosed mascot things? Do they have a name? Are they some sort of Native American spirit that got driven out of the land and could only manifest itself in the modern world by ‘goofing off’ in between parts of a football game and adverts for meat? Or are they just a cultural glitch?

    1. I assume the trumpetnoses are the mascot of the hotdog company? not sure…
      they look like the trumpet nosed muppet aliens.

      1. But it would be wrong…
        The “trumpetnose” is actually the “Phillie Fanatic,” the officially MLB licensed and trademarked mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team. Unless you are a fan of MajorLeagueBaseball┬« much less the Phillies franchise in particular, then it would probably not be considered general knowledge.
        But as mascots go… lame, no?
        mojo sends

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