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via miss_geek, this pass-it-on-thing-not-meme: the ten bands that got me through high school. which were, roughly, those below. Please note that I’m not convinced I actually got through high school.

1. The Clash

2. Joy Division

3. Gang of Four

4. The Dream Syndicate

5. Pere Ubu

6. Devo

7. X

9. The Adolescents

10. Public Image, Ltd.

…i forgot what 8 was for

11 thoughts on “pop music is IMPORTANT

  1. Funny, I’m about a quarter of a century younger than you and yet your list is almost identical to mine (although I’m still working on the whole getting through high school bit).

    1. Ironically, and I are about the same age, and my list would look nothing like that.
      Not that it’s a bad list, but my big life rafts in high school were Quadrophenia and The Wall…

  2. 8 is the only one we share in common….but X, Devo, PIL, The Clash and Joy Division would probably be in my next 10. But I was still stuck in heavy 70’s influence like Bowie and Zeppelin, but I also listened to a lot of The Police, Pretenders, Motels, etc. around 9th and 10th grade.
    You know, I don’t think I know a single Pere Ubu song.

  3. clearly i have forgotten what 8 was for as well, because i left them off of my list and they were one of my favorite bands in high school. and the descendents too.

  4. not a bad list at all. Personally mine would be:
    1. The Clash
    2. The Ramones
    3. Gang of Four
    4. Minutemen
    5. Husker Du
    6. Devo
    7. X
    9.Dead Kenendys
    10. MDC
    and definitely #8, maybe even mostly. The Descendents probably should be on there too, though I find it embarrassing now, but I don’t know who I’d knock off. Actually, probably Gang of Four who, like Joy Division, I listened to, but didn’t understand fully, until a couple of years later.

  5. In high school, my friend Amy and I would drive around, with no destination whatsoever, in the middle of winter (which, in the mountains of Colorado means an average of 30 feet of snow a year and cold cold cold) with all the windows down in the car and the heat on full blast, eating tons of candy and listening to #8 endlessly.
    And in junior high, one of my most vivid memories is is being 11 years old and riding the bus after a track meet. All the popular girls were in the back singing along to “Copacabana” (a song I still hate) and current (at the time) hits by INXS (a band I still have a hard time liking). I was way up front, sitting alone in a seat with my brother’s giant 1986 walkman, listening to “White Riot” and “Hate & War” over and over and over again.

  6. re: so 90’s!
    nine inch nails/skinny puppy/negativland/tori amos/bob marley/nirvana/the cure/violent femmes of course/punk rawk/the pogues

  7. I was kind of a late bloomer with regard to music and in high school didn’t yet listen to many artists. I started out listening to Simon and Garfunkel obsessively and shortly thereafter moved on to listening to the Beatles obsessively. Dylan was a constant factor as well. Really that’s it. It was overwhelmingly the Beatles, to the point that I really can’t listen to them anymore because it puts me back there. Everyone else has these interesting, varied lists, and I’m just I LISTENED TO THE WHITE ALBUM A LOT OK.

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