inedible pork plasma television

  1. The Neutron Bomb, 2006 Version.
  2. cordiloquy points me to the National Review “Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs” story. Much fun is had by this blogger with some of their choices. At least for now this guy on typepad has the full list. Make your own fun with it.
  3. I leave you with this, from my local health nut food store:


9 thoughts on “inedible pork plasma television

  1. That song list… wow… I don’t know what to say. When Johnny Rotten sang, “Die little baby, screaming!” it didn’t sound quite so right wing. Not to mention, “Fuck this and fuck that. I don’t want a baby that looks like that”.

  2. I am reminded of a place I saw ages ago called “Happy Salad Deli”. I am firmly of the opinion that I prefer food without emotions.

  3. Make them stop, please?
    Also this does make me wonder on the other side of the net, without as many good pictures, do the conservatives have lists of dumb ass liberal posts?

      1. No, they call themselves the “101st Fighting Keyboardists Squadron”. “Fighting” is an adjective. It’s a liberal nickname for LGF that they’ve taken to heart.

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