5 thoughts on “Ask Jared about this, I’m just the MESSENGER.

  1. People should just be more considerate. The table for living flies is CLEARLY labeled, and located at the rear of the compound.

  2. Sprouted wheat products
    This reminds me of a food labeling, on a food that I like to eat. It’s a health food type of food. The label is for marketing, not for legal purposes. That is, it closer to “the number one movie in the USA,” than to, “This power strip is not recommended for use with aquariums.”
    The label is “Uncooked living food.” It refers to the fact that the food is made from sprouted (i.e., living) seeds, is all, it’s pretty harmless. But I like it as a label, “life feeds on life” and all that. I think the flies is what makes me think of food, plus “table.”
    And more importantly, whatever is that ominous stain or two under the word “Aurora?”

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