Plate O’ Voles

Today I was looking up information on the web about this vagus nerve stuff and the Polyvagal theory and kept running across information about Prairie Voles and monogamy. This was worth a good laugh partly because it’s a lot of fun to say “monogamous prairie vole”. Apparently the research into the psychobiology of monogamy is often done with these critters because there are monogamous and non-monogamous variants of them with different biology.

So tonight my mother went to the UCI Neurology of Learning and Memory class and the speaker talked about prairie voles, monogamy, the branching of the vagus nerve, and polyvagal theory.

I have vole synchronicity. Who wants some of this lovely plate o’ shrimp voles?

2 thoughts on “Plate O’ Voles

    1. holy wombat crap
      Thank you for alerting the rest of us – or at least me – to this. I went and looked at that post and am currently feeling a sense of joy and glee that my life has sadly lacked over the past two days. OMG OBLONG WOMBAT ANUS. Your friends list rules.


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