3 thoughts on “help stop the tiered internet from screwing us all

  1. Conrad, please adjust your language. The phrase “tiered Internet” frames the issue very badly for us. The ILEC’s can already offer “tiered” Internet service, i.e. what we ISOC types would call “differentiated” services. What the ILEC’s want to do is get rid of common carrier regulation.
    The “preserve net neutrality” slogan is okay, if you ask me. It’s basically a rephrasing— but not a reframing— of the relevant technical jargon, i.e. “preserve the common carrier rule,” into common terms. The “tiered Internet” phrase is way too misleading.

      1. James, please be less peremptory.
        My apologies. I wish I knew how to be less brusque. The situation rarely calls for it, and I don’t really know how to turn it off when the subject is something I have passionate opinions about.
        I get in more trouble that way… Sigh.

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