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  1. sometimes he looks like such a scared child, like he’s in the school play and his heart is racing and he doesn’t remember his lines. He can’t believe he got the part! His parents are so proud! but what if he disappoints them?
    Oh wait.

      1. I recognized the guy on the left right away: Warren G. Harding* . The one on the right I don’t know, but he didn’t match any of my image searches for other notoriously bad presidents (Fillmore, Pierce, etc.), nor for famous despots.
        *Why do I know what Harding looked like? I had read that a big part of how he got to be president was that some proto-Rovian kingmaker spotted him and decided he looked “presidential.” So out of curiosity, I googled to see if I agreed. I didn’t, but the image stuck… and this was a year-ish ago, so maybe that actually does suggest something about his looks.

      2. Ah, that’s why he looked familiar. I know about him, but only because he came up a while ago in LJ.

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