Whoa. Blast from the past.

I was reminded of someone today I hadn’t thought about in years. When I was a yuffie in L.A., maybe 1991 or so, I met this woman through friends. She was a little younger than me, maybe 21 to my 26, and she was a poet. She’d had some local success getting reading gigs, putting out a chapbook etc. We talked on the phone a bit and then hung out some, went to dinner. She appeared to lose interest in me as a friend as soon as it was clear we weren’t going to be dating.

She was attractive in a number of ways: hyperintelligent, book-crazy, talkative. I was kind of sad to see her fade away. She was also a 21-year-old poet, so self-obsessed and nutty. I remember talking to her about the UCI writing program, because my dad was just retiring from teaching in it.

So I hadn’t thought about her forever, and then the subject of the dreariness of rural Illinois came up, which is where she was from. And I googled her. Holy cats, she’s a professor in England now! She also has some poetry online at the Shearsman site here and also here.

Still cute too. πŸ™‚ Glad she made a living out of it. The soybean harvest didn’t sound fun.

6 thoughts on “Whoa. Blast from the past.

  1. The Divining for Starters poems were good. I picture Michael Stipe singing them in a parallel universe.
    It’s always nice to find out that cute and decent people are making good in the world, but then you wish they were still around.


  2. Haiku haiku pome
    Wow, that’s the first time in like forever that I have seen poetry that didn’t immediately make me want to stab people because of awfulness.


  3. Woooooot! That’s some wonderful poetry. What a lot of fun! I mean, I’ve found people I know online but they’ve been people who were not very nice. This is much better. =)


  4. Lovely poetry, and also Bath is the best place, such great atmosphere and beautiful scenery. Lucky (and talented) girl. I love it when good things happen to good people.


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