mesmeric neurobonkular electrozapulation report

Brain Lady seems to have figured out a regimen for the neurofeedback that does not cause me to veer between flailing depressive self-hatred and near-paranoiac rage. This is a good thing.

I’m also experiencing a more even temperament generally. The same problems are there, but the amplitude is reduced, as are the swings. In simpler terms: I’m still upset about a lot of things and have some pessimistic opinions, but I’m no longer staring at the wall thinking about them for 9 hours straight.

I’m also sleeping between 12 and 14 hours a night, which is both therapeutically deemed to be “good” and pleasurable.

So far my rating for neurofeedback as a therapy is a conditional positive. I’ve got improvements that are good and important, but getting there was disagreeable in the extreme.

4 thoughts on “mesmeric neurobonkular electrozapulation report

  1. 12 to 14! Luxe! Enjoy it.
    I like the “conditional positive,” like a conditional pass. “Treatment has achieved goals, but should work on the delivery.”
    Here’s to less bad delivery and more achievement of goals.

  2. Wow, I get told that getting that many hours of sleep a night is unhealthy, maybe it’s due to my age, but I have a hard time functioning these days on less than 10-12 hours of sleep.
    I’m jealous!

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