I suggest a fire

I didn’t get out of the house as soon as I wanted tonight and missed seeing mahakala. I hope you had fun with people, etc.

I arrived to the D’s ghost town. There was only one employee left, and Michelle had come in to help him. She wasn’t even wearing the company uniform, just making coffee. The manager was AWOL. It’s an ex business, which is an odd thing to be around. People do stuff, like make and sell items and clean up, but with a kind of languid, detached air.

Outside, Dr. Goggles and Brandon-the-musician were firing up a hookah. This was observed by various little kids on their way to the ice cream place. They hookah’d a bit with Ashley & Matt. I don’t hookah.

Someone should just stop by from Corporate and power down that place and order up a wrecking crew. It’s done.

2 thoughts on “I suggest a fire

    They should just change the name of the place to
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    >The Triumph of the Egg.

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