Like passing a needle through the eye of a camel

  1. Ursi linked me to 249 WAYS TO ENJOY TOAST, and really who can argue with the beauty of toast?
  2. Flood Maps is a Google mashup that shows you what your coastline would look like if the water got higher. Here’s my neighborhood after a 7m increase: BLUB BLUB. Bye bye Huntington, all of old Newport, etc.
  3. In other climate news, Maciej Ceglowski reports on huge fucking glaciers totally fucking collapsing with a fucking gigantic crashing noise. Fuck!
  4. I am playing with Platial and so far I really like it. It’s a mapping site where you can annotate locations with your tags and photos and share them.

3 thoughts on “Like passing a needle through the eye of a camel

  1. I love reading your journal, because you always manage to come up with something that takes my mind off all the crap I’m dealing with.
    Thank you. 🙂

  2. Bye Bye Huntington is right…so much for the homestead. Many will be thrilled to finally have waterfront property if they don’t mind the floating debris and occasional belly-up cat.

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