food of the day: dead things

Elaine posted a lovely recipe today for dumplings (that probably are very good, because they’re dumplings), but holy crap just go read the thing.

I think these have to be the only dinner item fully approved for use at Nordic Black Metal Concerts.

“And now, Kröttchkrakkr’s lead singer Iukki Bluudmess will perform their hit ‘THE INFERIOR MORTALS WILL FEEL THE COLD BLADE OF THE NORTHERN FOREST’S MIGHT’, followed by dumplings and animalistic rituals of blood and meat.”

7 thoughts on “food of the day: dead things

  1. “I figured I had to try making the dumplings to see if they tasted or looked like corpses and maybe find a reason as to why they failed to find a home in Finland.”
    I’m pretty certain I don’t want to know how one determines if they taste like corpses, but then again, I have absolutely no spirit of adventure.

  2. Where was it that I heard this little recitation, subtitled How to Start a Fight in Minnesota:
    “Out of the trees/Came a thousand Swedes/Chased by one Norwegian”

  3. As a recovering Swede I can attest that those crazy peoplebles will eat ANYTHING as long as it once lived and is now dead. Sweetbread, anyone?

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