1. If you’re still recovering from the Romance Hunk Paper Towel Experience, you might want to put in the bite block before clicking to visit the Cleaning Hunk, brought to you by Xtra-Pine.
  2. Engineering details, video, theory, and much more about pool & billiards available at this University of Colorado Engineering website. Really neat stuff.
  3. THREE MINUTE ROBOT FREE-FOR-ALL! (video, via robotwisdom)
  4. Nat King Cole sings L.O.V.E. in Japanese!
  5. Preserve this authentic Nazi church, please!
  6. Hey vegemitelover and joyfulagitator, get a load of this virtual clay modeling thing.

5 thoughts on “BED, BATH, AND BEELZEBUB

      1. Re: OMG NO!!!
        I say we try it…You gotta glass big enough? Oh, and can he soak at your place? Maybe in the back as a replacement for the goldfish the Heron ate?


      2. Re: OMG NO!!!
        All right, Chad, you just flop down here and eat skeeters for a few. My friend Sandy needs her a hunk and you’re but half growned.


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