set sail for pegboy island!

Had a nice dinner tonight with salome_st_john who is my future ex-girlfriend although she doesn’t know it. Ate throbbing meat. Was able to present her with a panda-related gift, which was nice. Yes, eyeteeth, she greeted me hopping and waving her hand as instructed!

I went to D’s for a bit and it felt like the fucking Arctic. I know it was only 52F with a mild wind but I wanted to die. So I went to Tower Records. I’d like to confirm for all of you that the music industry is dead. There was nothing new there that anyone would want to buy. The clerks were playing some generic numetal/emo shit that they obviously liked not much more than I did. Nothing there was worth the $18.99 they charge for CDs. It’s kind of sad. This whole industry is dead but still ambulatory.

The Lido Diner’s hearts of romaine salad is awesome.

A friend of mine is getting married this summer and I got a pre-invitation in the mail which was a fridge magnet. Ever get the feeling that the world is accelerating very, very fast?

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    1. Yeah, I’ve noticed that people send out these “save the date” things that are just little cards with the date, and the invitation comes later. No idea how that started.

      1. It’s tied to invitation lists with a lot of out-of-town guests, usually. You typically send out Real Invitations a few months before the wedding, but if you’ve got a long engagement and people who will have to make serious plans to get there (as compared to having to drive across town or something) then it’s a handy way to give an early heads-up.
        In the Olden Days, everyone you’d invite would be in-town, and your parents would publish an Engagement Announcement anyhow, and your engagement wouldn’t be longer than a few months anyhow.
        Now is when you send her back a note saying “Hi! I got your STD.”

  1. Tower records makes me sad, I can’t go in there anymore. I think about it every once in while, for the magazines but then I think “But I could go to Borders, and find better books and magazines while I look at better music, for less money”. :/ poor Tower.
    Did I mention that the coffee at Borders is good too?

  2. boring story
    last time i was in tower records was in 2000. it was the big giant tower records in atlanta or, well, somewhere southeast and metropolis-esque. everyone said, “we have to stop there it’s so big they have all music ever recorded in the history of mankind!”
    well, i didn’t find any music, but they had a copy of “4 dada suicides” on the shelf. and i wasn’t sure what that was all about, but it was $15 so i bought it and read in during the rest of the car ride around These (Southeastern) States. SAID BOOK characterized and solidified my World View and introduced me to “pataphysics” and is one of my most favorite of all time possessions. so, thanks tower records! i’ll recite this story about you Touched My Life at your eulogy.

  3. You should visit
    According to the Weather Channel it is 15 degrees below normal there and 20 degrees above normal (60s-70s) here,
    But hurry, the artic air returns Wed

  4. How are my cookies?
    Wait, what?
    “Ok little Bobby, you have a choice. Mommy is rapid-cycling bipolar II, so either she’s going to be in a good mood for five minutes and then god knows what – forever – or she’s going to be dumb as a box of rocks thanks to Topamax and Wellbutrin. Which do you prefer? Oh, and Daddy wants to talk to you about personality affective disorder.”
    Also: HONK. And yey. And thank you.

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