consumer advice: change your ATM PIN

No, really. Change it. A lot of debit cards have been compromised in a big ripoff due to crap software at large retailers that retained the PIN instead of throwing it away, apparently.

4 thoughts on “consumer advice: change your ATM PIN

    1. I tend to do so, but that’s only because I know that it’s cheaper for the retailer to process it as an ATM transaction than a credit transaction. The overhead that Verisign (or equivalent) charges is higher for the credit cards because it’s easy for people to dispute the charges or use a stolen card.
      I have noticed, though, that when they ask whether or not to run it as a credit or debit, if I say “I don’t care,” most of the time (like 90% or greater), they run it as credit. It’s faster and there’s less chance for user error (like an incorrect pin.)


      1. thats what im talkin’ about. I think with my low-rent card, or maybe it was an older one from years ago, but, i had the choice to either pay $1 for using it as a checking card or let the retailer pay whatever they charge for being a VISA retailer. That’s a no-brainer.
        Same thing with people at the grocery store still using checks. WTF? its 2006, not 1976.


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