okay, one more link sorry

While on the subject of cars, let me present the Wrightspeed X1: 0-60 in 3 seconds, 170 mpg CARB equivalent. Yes, it’s an electric Ariel Atom. Watch it blow the doors off $600,000 in euro supercar hardware in a .wmv video.

Wish it was in production. Damn that’s cool.

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    1. Not that big of a surprise, the electric moters produce alot of torque and spool very very quickly. This is optimal for fast starts but not high end speed. The overall top speed of the electric atom is reached before the end of the quarter or really close. The atom pulled the Quarter at 11.1 seconds and 112mph. An everage 11.8 pass trips the radar at 114.5, which leads me to think that the electric atom is nearing the top end.

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