4 thoughts on “For odradak and other Prague/Kafka fans

    1. That Kafka game
      So, it pretty and I played it for like ninety minutes for that reason alone.
      Is my Flash broken, or too old a version? Were you able to pick up objects, money, mail, etc? I think I’ve found about every place you can find, and nothing happens. When I try to pick up money, my time card, etc. it says, “How would you use this, where would you keep this?”
      Is it being rhetorical, or is there really a way to answer those questions in the game?
      I am grateful for your help, yours in bleakness,
      Mack Rhinelander

      1. Re: That Kafka game
        Indeed yes, all is well. Maybe “well” isn’t the best word. We’ll probably pass each other, mumbling to each other and wheezing.

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